Sunday, May 30, 2010

Legal 18th!

Hopefully I don't looks like I'm 18th this year? Heh, yeah I'm offically 18th
years old now. Am legal for club now! HAHAHA! ;> Will be celebrating this
years birthday with my lovely families& then with my group of girls @ V4!
Stay tune!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

PitStop-R Car Event.

Pitstop- R Event with S&C girl- Stella& Charmaine!
We had lots of fun working together during this three days event,
although the event is Jurong! It's  pretty damn far for Stella& I as
we both stay at the east side while Charmaine stay at the west.
Damn it! Good for you luh, Char! :/ I can't deny that the travelling
time really kills me! Early in the morning, 10am somemore! ;-(
But, the over all was worth it. Think of the pay wise& the fun, great! ^^

Our attire for this event would be bikini top withblack short pants.
But three of us are a very consecutive girls, so yeah. We don't dare to
just expose ourselves wearing only bikini top but, we wore a spag
instead& we roll it up high! LOLLL! :-D
We'll let down our spag top only when we're at the outdoor, UV ray kills!
The weather's killing me for these three days. I think I've drank
three bottles of coke during our break time! Hee hee!

All right, that's all for this post. ;>