Saturday, November 27, 2010


Its been a long long time ever since I last met up with my
secondary school pals. Because all of us don't really have time
for the past few months. Finally, we get a chance to meet up for a
steamboat session and do some catch up today! Having steamboat
on raining day, how good?! ^^

Today's also the three single ladies vs the three boyfriend girls day.
Hehh hehh hehh! ;>

Fyi, we actually had two rounds of steamboat!
Teehee ^^v *(Monsters!)

We always had full of craps whenever we're together.
Spent a really great day together today, girls! : D

P.S- Notice my red nose? Yeah, I'm having flu again! Sigh. :/

Thursday, November 25, 2010


After some days for not updating my blog, today I've something to share!
Especially for girls, you'll love it because I love it too! :)

Do you have trouble in combing your hair? Or even dry hair, damage hair,
split ends& lack of shine? Here I have something to save all your troubles,
Ellips Hair Treatment!

Available in 4 types of treatments. Bottle and tablet packaging.
*Yellow - Smooth &Shiny
To provide nutrition and to make your hair
smooth, manageable and shiny.

*Pink - Hair Treatment
Helps heal damaged hair structure & reduce split end
caused by hair blow-drying, curling, coloring, rebonding.

*Purple - Nutri Colour
Nourish your  colored hair, treat dull hair.

*Black - Black, Soft & Shiny
Helps your hair to look smooth, shiny&
a manageable healthy black hair.
Currently, I'm using more of the Pink& Yellow ones. Because I do blow-dry
my hair everyday& I do dye my hair too. So, using the Pink ellips can actually
reduce all the split end while the Yellow ellips helps my hair look shiny, smoother
and easy to comb! Simply peel off a little at the top of the ellips& apply onto
damp hair or dry hair just for once to get the result!

As for me, I prefer to apply when my hair is dry up after shower. :)
Although ellips are in oil type, but it definitely won't makes you feel
the oiliness after applying, even on dry hair!

You should try it out, it really works! Even my mom love it too!
Do check it out at any Watsons stores.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have you ever thought about life that way? Every second, every minute, of every hour,
of every day. The weeks go by and so do the months. Then it’s a new year again, getting
older as the time goes by. And quite frankly, time goes by fast , if you’ve ever thought real
hard about it. Where are you now? What is your life like? I have so many questions, yet not so
many answers. Do you often look at people around you and wonder what has happened or
what is happening in their life? We all stress about many things, care too much about what
other people think. Sometimes I really don’t understand anything and I just want to scream.
I know there must be people out there who always seem to feel alone. Sometimes you just
need to take those baby steps to the next big thing. Learn from mistakes, or learn
something new perhaps. Smile, and be happy. Don’t be afraid even when you
think you can’t be anything else but that.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eight more days!

You were made perfectly to be loved by me.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dinner @ Clementi

Spent a really great day with my babyboy and his family for dinner today.
And with one of their very best friend, also named Nicholas :) Spending time with
family are always filled with full of joy and loads of funny craps.
"The love of a family is life's greatest blessing."
Showing off with his
Here comes the Entertainment of the day,
"Tom Cruise& The 60's Fashion Wannabes." LOL(!)
I just can't stop myself from laughing whenever I see these two pictures above.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time Files

2011 is approching in another 45 Days. So yeah, its time to
settle down with a long term stable job. Also to get ready in the next five years
time! Well, due to what I'm going to do or where am I going to in the next
four years time, am not gonna say much. *too many eyes here& there!
But what I can say is, a new world& I'll definitely be lovin' it! ^^ A stable
job are always better compared to event job. Advantages for event job are
needless to say, the pay wise are great! Disadvantages would be, some organiser
tend to drag the pay. It can even drag up to damn two months! WTF, CMI MAN!
So, this coming friday will be my last event before I officially start working. :)

As times goes by, some overdues events photos,

Time after time, now its the time to get a life for a better life ahead!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Not when I'm feeling down, but I just tend eat *loads these days.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner& *SUPPER! ;D (IMMA MONSTER!)

Okay anyway, had lunch with my babyboy today @ Manpuku! :)
A japanese style restuarant located at Tampines 1. Uhm okay, not really a
restuarant lah actually. Lol! All right, whatever it is, after trying out once,
I strongly won't recommend anyone of ya'll to eat there. Because I think
it's still not up to standard& the price are not very reasonable. So, yeah. :/

Japanese Seafood Udon
*Not nice. :/
This Scallop Ramen
Is this maggie or ramen? :/
The worst beef fried onion! -,-
And this plate of beef cost me like $8? Oh, it's not the matter of price
but with this kinda standard, it's not worth at all. Aww... so sorry! :-)
NOT FRESH AT ALL! &Not sinful at all. :/

Friday, November 12, 2010

Warren Country Club

Went swimmimg with my babyboy @ Warren Golf & Country Club.
Super healthy lifestyle for the win! Darn! Forgotten to bring camera
along today. P.S- All the pictures quality we've took today are totally shit,
I swear! But still, every pictures has its memories in it, yeah? ;-)
I love to play with my babyboy's hair all the times! Do you?

Dinner @ golfers' Terrace. :)
With the super tempting Vanilla Ice-cream brownie!
This picture may not seems tempting. :/ But in fact, this dessert is really nice! (Y)

*PS As I've mentioned earlier on, today's pictures quality simply sucks to the max!
(-,-#) SIAN! Okayyy, that's all for today. I need some beauty sleep like, now!

Goodnight, readers 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday Night

Today's is Wednesday! Uhm... So? Oh, its ladies night! Heh, NO WAY!
It's not gonna be any typical night in the club. Instead, a healthy night with healthy home
cook dinner at home today with my babyboy! Went to Ikea with my babyboy this afternoon,
and what we've bought was only 9photo frames, LOL!

Next, supermarket!
For some groceries to prepare our dinner tonight! :)
Happily squeezing the salad sauce...
Ended up...
Tsk tsk tsk... Bb ah, you're so naughty!

Ready to serve!
Fresh Tomatoe Mushroom with Bacon Spaghetti!
Shrimp Wonton
Home cook dinner for today by- *Me! Hehh hehh hehh ^^v
Yessssssss, Everthing was cooked by me! :)

Sinful after dinner (Y)