Thursday, November 25, 2010


After some days for not updating my blog, today I've something to share!
Especially for girls, you'll love it because I love it too! :)

Do you have trouble in combing your hair? Or even dry hair, damage hair,
split ends& lack of shine? Here I have something to save all your troubles,
Ellips Hair Treatment!

Available in 4 types of treatments. Bottle and tablet packaging.
*Yellow - Smooth &Shiny
To provide nutrition and to make your hair
smooth, manageable and shiny.

*Pink - Hair Treatment
Helps heal damaged hair structure & reduce split end
caused by hair blow-drying, curling, coloring, rebonding.

*Purple - Nutri Colour
Nourish your  colored hair, treat dull hair.

*Black - Black, Soft & Shiny
Helps your hair to look smooth, shiny&
a manageable healthy black hair.
Currently, I'm using more of the Pink& Yellow ones. Because I do blow-dry
my hair everyday& I do dye my hair too. So, using the Pink ellips can actually
reduce all the split end while the Yellow ellips helps my hair look shiny, smoother
and easy to comb! Simply peel off a little at the top of the ellips& apply onto
damp hair or dry hair just for once to get the result!

As for me, I prefer to apply when my hair is dry up after shower. :)
Although ellips are in oil type, but it definitely won't makes you feel
the oiliness after applying, even on dry hair!

You should try it out, it really works! Even my mom love it too!
Do check it out at any Watsons stores.