Friday, November 12, 2010

Warren Country Club

Went swimmimg with my babyboy @ Warren Golf & Country Club.
Super healthy lifestyle for the win! Darn! Forgotten to bring camera
along today. P.S- All the pictures quality we've took today are totally shit,
I swear! But still, every pictures has its memories in it, yeah? ;-)
I love to play with my babyboy's hair all the times! Do you?

Dinner @ golfers' Terrace. :)
With the super tempting Vanilla Ice-cream brownie!
This picture may not seems tempting. :/ But in fact, this dessert is really nice! (Y)

*PS As I've mentioned earlier on, today's pictures quality simply sucks to the max!
(-,-#) SIAN! Okayyy, that's all for today. I need some beauty sleep like, now!

Goodnight, readers