Monday, December 20, 2010

Go Beyond Natural♥

Everyone loves to see naked faces. I mean, girls without any makeup on.
Regardless of boys or girls, they just loves to see! And then, they'll goes
around comment hereeeeeeeeee and thereeeeeeeee. LOL! (-.-#)
I wonder why is everyone so interested in it? But anyway, I am
going to show you my naked face today& Also what I use
for my daily basic makeup routines
Basically, these are the things& products I use,
Makeup base, Foudation,
Compact powder& Loose powder.
Perfect Brightening.
Offers smoothing& Revitalizing effect.
White reveal UV shield, liquid foundation.
Compact powder.
ETUDE Face Powder
(Loose Powder)
With shiny giltering!
So I usually use it only for night out. ;)
For oily skin type girls out there like me, you may want to try
out the ZA Groovy Smoovy. It works well on me& I use
this as my touch-up rather than using compact powder.
So that my makeups won't look thick like a mask! :)