Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beauty Tips ♥

Beautiful girls all over the world~! ^^
Beauty comes from within, all we need are the right beauty tips for our
skin, hair, eye, nails, body& beauty food tips. Despite the fact that some beauty
masks& beauty products doesn't really help sometimes, yea? So, I'm gonna share
some of the basic beauty& self D.I.Y tips that all girls should know in this post!

Okey, so here we go starting with the hair care tips first, :-)

Hair care tips
1. You know what, by right we can only brush or comb our hair only
when it's dry. Because wet hair is weak& brushing or combing
wet hair can easily damage it.
2. Want to keep your scalp healthy? Snack on more carrots!
    Or a stronger& healtier hair? Do eat enough protein like,
-Fish, meat, chesse& milk.
3. Massaging your scalp can improve circulation to your head
&promote hair growth! :-)

Eye makeup tips
1. Want a beautiful curl lashes? Use a hair-dryer to heat your eyelash curler.
The warmth of the eyelash curler will help to curl
your lashes more efficiently.
2. Always curl your lashes twice for a more natural& rounded curl,
each curl should take about 30seconds.
3. Eyeliner is to enhance the beauty of our eyes, always remember
not to over do it.

Eye care tips
1. Use cool cucumber slice to reduce eye puffiness& dark circles.
2. Aviod salty foods. They can make fluid retention& eye puffiness too.
3. To reduce eye swelling, use a metal spoon& place it in the refrigerator
for a couple minutes, then gently press it onto the skin around your eye.
4. Placing a cold black tea bag on each eye for approximately 10minutes,
can help to reduce eye puffiness.
5. A slice of raw potato can be placed under your eyes to reduce
dark circles.

Eyebrows tips
1. Our eyebrows should be about two shades lighter than our hair color.
2. Or, if you wanna enhance& define your eyebrows, choose a color
shade that best matches your hair.
3. Our eyebrow should start right above the inner corner of our eye, peak
at the outter corner of our iris& curves down towards the end.

Lip care tips
1. If you have thin lips, ues a lighter color lipstick. A dark colored
shad lipstick will makes your lips look smaller.
2. Dab a touch of gloss in the center of your top lips. This will make
your mouth look pouty& sexy.
3. To keep your lipstick on all day, pencil your lips with a soft lip pencil,
then apply your lipstick.

Skin care tips
1. To prevent age spot, avoid sun exposure& use sunscreen lotion with
an at least SPF15 or higher.
2. Strengthen your skin by choosing moisturizers that contain Vitamin A&E.
3. Get 8hours of sleep each day to maintain healthy& youthful skin.
4. If you have oliy skin, use a water-based skin moisturizer,
If you have dry skin, use a oil-based moisturizer,
&for sensitive skin, use a gentle& fragrance-free moisturizer.

Beauty food tips
1. Carrots can help to protect the outer layer of your skin& prevent
premature aging.
2. Garlic is a miracle food that can combat wrinkles& sagging skin.
3. Eat plenty of tomatoes. Beacuse tomatoes are rich in VitaminA&C,
&it do helps for skin whitening.
4. Strawberries& oranges helps for skin whitening too.
5. Sweet potatoes, anti-aging& reduce wrinkles.

Nail care tips
1. Store your nail polish in the refrigerator to maintain its
smooth consistency.
2. Fresh carrot juice is great for strengthing our nails.
3. Drink enough water not only keep our body hydrated, it also
helps to maintain healthy& strong nails.

I've tried on some of the beauty tips that I've just shared with you guys
& it works on me though. So why not try it out? ;-)

enhance your natural beauty! ^^v
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Okey fine, off for supper with my love now. :-D

Friday, January 21, 2011

I wanna get myself a new camera soon!
Any recommendation? :-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Girls Outing!♥

Other than accompany my babyboy whenever I'm free, I'll not forget about my
lovely cliques too! I always miss those laughter we had man! Finally, met up with
all of them *(together!) ^^v @Orchard for a movie& to do a recent catch up with
each other. &Finally, nobody said they can't make it this time round, LOL! -;)

First stop, had our lunch @ Orchard Ion,
 Shu Teppan. :-)
After lunch, headed to Cineleisure for a horror Thai movie "Who Are You."
This horror movie was not very nice though. :( Some of them were even sleeping in
the theater! This movie language was spoken in Thai, so we can only read the eng
subtitle while watching. Its kinda difficult to understand& the story line was, zzz!
Okay fine! Overall, it was a really super boring horror movie. I'll rate this movie- 0/5!
Supperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr time! ^^v
*PS- I was putting my eyelash thingy.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Off to town with cliques now! See you when I see you! ^^v
&Don't forget to keep your eyes peel for many naize photos on my next post~ ;-)
Stay tune!

Monday, January 17, 2011


My babyboy has been complaining to me that I always have no time for
him if i were to work for event jobs. So, whenever I'm free, all my times belong
to my babyboy. I don't deny that I really loved spending times with him, I always
felt so sian when I have to work and won't be able to see his face, LOL! ^^
From what I realize, couples tend to meet up everyday without fail during
the first two weeks, and slowly become lesser& lesser. But, my relationship
with NNHR does not have this typical problem. :) We had been together for
nearly 7months and we do still meet up everyday without fail! Yes, I'm serious!
And yes, not boring at all though, Heehee! ;-D
The twins brother, LOL!!
I seriously don't know why my babyboy love Pinkpanther sooooooooo much! -,-
But of course he loves me more la, hor ah B?
Hehh hehh hehh~! ^^v

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello, to all my readers! I'm back blogging. ^^
Just a very shoort update from me today, as I've been busying with events
lately, which cause me to neglect my blog for days& my babyboy. Bb has
been complaining that I always don't have time for him ;-( Am sorry, bb.
I promised, I'll accompany you once after I'm done with all my
events assignment, okey? :-) Just a week more!

All right, here're some events assignment that I've done& busy with,
ArtSpace @ Helutrans
With a total of 32 girls for this event.
 Although this event's duration was only an hour. But we has to reach there
4 hours before to get prepared with our makeup& hair! Well, not a tiring event,
but fun instead. What I can say is, the organiser are extremly friendly! ^^

MBS (Marina Bay Sands) Hotel Female Greeters
Me, Jaslyn, Stella, Yanyan& Krislynn.
Cyndiana, Richelle, Yanyan, Jacqueline, Stella, Angel, Michelle& Me!
Nice working with all the girls! ^^ And also, not forgetting to thanks
bb for fetching me everyday after my work! Muah ~ !!
Just another week more& I'm done with all assignment! ;-)
Let's just bear with it!

What would satay say to the satay man?
Answer- Listen to, I Love The Way You Lie by Rihanna.

(Just gonna stand there and watch me burn)
Lol! Okay, whatever ~

Friday, January 14, 2011

After nau-ing at home for days, finally I'm getting busy! ArtSpace event later
&MBS Hotel event for the next following two days with many beautiful girls!
Hopefully I feel so much better today compared to yesterday. :-)
Hehh hehh, stay tune! ^^v

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Current Health Status: BAD! ;-(

Am down with flu, cough& sore throat& I guess fever might be on the way now.
What's even worst, my menses cramp all day! :( I really hate menses cramp,
&I believe every girls hate that too! :/ I realize many peoples are getting
sick these days, even my babyboy was sick too, Awww... ;(
Peoples, do drink loads of water, yea? :-) As chinese new
year is just around the corner, we can't fall ill! ^^

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today is 11th of Jan' 2011. Which is, 11/1/11.
Combo 1'ssss! ;-D Today might be a special& meaningful day for some
people out there, but definitely not for me. So, its just a normal day spent
with my babyboy @ Daiso! You know, Daiso opened its
5th branch in Sengkang, Rivervale Mall. ^^v

Everything @ only 2bucks(!)
Hehh hehh hehh...! ;-D