Sunday, February 06, 2011

New Year Day 3!

A day out with my love! First thing first, had our lunch @ Hoshigaoka Japanese Restaurant,
The salmon is as fresh as human flesh! HAHAHA. :-D

Next stop, @ National Service Safra Resort.

Boat Quay during the late night. ;-) Nah! Not at any typical pubs, but a very good place
for chilling out, @ Archipelago! :)
You know, other than those typical beers& liquor like Heineken, Tiger, martell& etc.
They do sell their self-brewed beers too! Which taste like... pineapples?
LOL, but it taste pretty good though, thumbs up!

Happy new year(day 3) everyone! ^^
xoxo, C  ♥♥