Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday, Jennifer ♥

First of all, happy sweet 18th birthday to our lovely girl, Jennifer!
Birthdays only come once a year. I hope you like the surprise from us! ;-)
Although its a very last minute plan. But still, its the thought that counts, yeah? :-)

Chalet @ Costa Sands Resort! ^^

Thinking of what to wish... :-)

No pictures was taken with the birthday girl because she had gone missing
for like, 4hours? LOL! But, at least there are still three pictures of here with
her birthday cake though. Ohyeah, the chocolate cake was duper nice, anyway.

BBQ time!

Yes yes, my baby join us too! But his purpose was to accompany me only. ^^

Once again, happy birthday, Jenn Bunny! :-D
All the best in whatever you do& may all your dreams come true!