Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Valentine's Day may seems to be like a normal day to some of you. But, it's a special day to me.
Because this's my first year celebrating valentine's day with my offical boyfriend, hehh hehh~!
Yes, my first time! ;-) Ohyeah, I'm not those kind of girls that loves to receive roses,
chocolates, soft toys &etc etc etc... Although I loves to eat chocolates damn loads, but I
just don't wish to receive that on valentine's day. And, soft toys is one of the gifts that I hate
most! I find that all these are too common &too easy for guys till they don't even have
to think of what to get for their girlfriends on valentine's day. -,- Hah! ;-)
He knows that I'm always not able to turn in early at night, so he bought this lavender fragrance
oil for me to place it in my room. In fact, this really helps! I fell asleep within 15mins after lying
down on my bed. Not kidding!
&His self-baked chocolate muffins

Once again, Happy Valentine's Day, Baby!