Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hi, readers!
I've been really busy lately with some personal stuffs these days, which cause me to neglect
my blog again, I'm sorway! It's confidential, so I'm not gonna tell much on what I've been busying
with. For what I can say is that, I'm only happy for the time being. Average people in the universe
has some things to regret in life though, but life goes on, we got to live with it, anyway. I'm glad
that I've my lovely parents& my babyboy by my side at all times to pick me up whenever
I'm down, you guys are duper loved! What ever it is, I gotta stay strong no matter what the
outcome is. Okey, let me just put this matter aside.

Also, I don't have the time to actually blog my 7th monthsary on the 29th too. :(
But, I'll definitely blog my 8th monthsary next month& the coming Valentine's Day too! ;>
Frankly speaking, I'm looking forward more to Valentine's Day than Chinese New Year though, Heeheehee! ^^v Despite the fact that this would be my first year celebrating Valentine's Day
with my official boyfriend! Hehh hehh hehh~!

Oh yeah! Its Chinese New Year Eve today, can't wait for the big reunion feast
dinner later on with my beloved families! ;-D

Its 4pm now, approximately 8hours more to Chinese New Year!
Cher wish you guys a Happy Chinese New Year in advance! ;-)

*PS- just a gentle reminder here. Please be polite @ my formspring.
Nasty questions will not be entertain. Thank you very much! :-)

Just a short update today,
I'll blog more probably next week, stay tune~! :-)