Monday, February 28, 2011

8th Monthsary on the 28th this month ♥

"He was tall and she was short. He was loud and she
was shy. He liked to party, she spent most Saturdays chilling
out with friends or busying with events. He loved cooking, she
enjoyed going out to restaurants. He was late nights, she was early
mornings. He was handsome, but man, she was beautiful."

We were different in many ways, but it was how we came together,
when no one was looking, that caught us off guard. ;-D

A little special this month, we celebrate our 8th monthsary on the
28th instead of 29th. :-) Because February 29th comes in once every
four years, which is so called the leap year.

I didn't know that I could go into a relationship for 8th months.
As some of my friends says that I'm an easy-come-easy-go girl. LOL! :-D
Fyi- I was once a single lady for 8 months. And now, I've already been
attached for 8 months. Wowww, time files man! ^^

Happy 8th monthsary, anyway.
Love you duper max, NNHR.! ;>