Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I get jealous sometimes because I love you and I don't want anyone else
to have you. Call me selfish, but you are mine and, I'm not sharing. ;>

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thai Style Eating- Moo Kata!

A day out with my love on Saturday at Goldenmile Complex for dinner! ;> Wonder why
we to make our trip all the way there just for lunch? Heh, because bb said that there's this
Thai style eating Bbq& Steamboat thingy located there, which's so called the moo kata.
Literally means "pork pan" in Thai language.

Moo Kata is a cheap and cheerful Thai feast. ^^

Barbeque on the top and create a sort of soup on the bottom which quickly turns into a delicious
broth! The best part would be the Bbq pig liver! Uh huh~! Never try before, yeah? Its superb
NAIZE! Oh, by the way, do ya'll notice the three pieces of white color meat above? To clear
your doubts, that's not any edible meat, that's Pig Oil! YES, PIG OIL! :O Because they don't
use butter for bbq, but pig oil instead!

Bb, its time to trim your fringe a little, it's longer than mine already!

Well, do not judge the book by its cover. The food may not seems tempting here, but in fact, its pretty nicey! ;> &All the ingredients are marinated with, sesame I guess? Smells really nice though!
By looking at the picture above, ya'll might think, "Huh, so little food?" LOL! Try& you'll know.
I have to say, Moo Kata is for mature stomachs. The rest of us mere mortals will have to crawl
back to our home thinking, "How could I pig out so much?!" And hope to digest the
enormous amount of food by the next morning! :-D


Bb: Baby, look at these veggies, looks like a stalk of flowers hor?
Me: Eh~ Ya lor! Looks quite nice also ley, LOL!
Bb: Nice uh? Okay lor, next year's valentine's I buy you this.
Me: (~,~#) !

Happy 9th monthsary in advance, Babyboy! ^^v

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hi, Skincare lovers!
I believe all of ya'll wants a beautiful fair skin, yeah? :) So, how can
we get a bright& beautiful fair skin? Inject whitening jabs? Nah~ no no no!
Too expensive& I'm afraid of injection too, anyway. Hahs~! :-) So, I'm gonna
recommend ya'll this *painless, yet effective way on whitening your skin!

Whitening pills, imported from Japan!
Sato Hakubi White C! (Enhance your skin whitening)
6 tablets per day.
Up to 3months supply!

*New product from Sato!
Sato Hakubi C Gel!
*(Concentrated treatment)
Apply only on pigmentation& dark spots, not the whole face!

*FYI- I'm not as fair as what I'm now. For those who've known me three years back,
I believe you guys notice the changed of my skin tone previously. I was once named as a malay
born chinese girl, LOL~! -,- Well, too bad I don't have a picture of me here to prove how
effective. Hakubi White C pills is, but it definitely works! ;>

Oh& by the way, I've been eating this Hakubi White C pills for years already! Yes, for years!
Definitely no side effects for me! Will be trying out the Hakubi C gel like, very soon! Heh~!
As I heard that by taking Hakubi White C pills& using Hakubi C Gel, will get a more effective
way to whiten your skin faster! ;-) Hakubi White C pills does not only helps in lighten scars,
it whitens your whole body& skin blemishes too!

At the same time, I tried staying indoor, avoiding sun, even if I'm out, I will put on sunscreen
lotion. Taking the pills like vita C, brightens the skin and clearer! My freckles on my hand,
&blemishes seem to fade abit though. :-)

 If you are only concern about skin pigmentation, sunburn &discolouration problems,
you may try on Hakubi C2 instead!

Sato Hakubi C2! (Skin Whitening)

Even my mom has been eating this Hakubi C2 pills for years too! Heh~
4 tablets per day.
Up to 3 an a half months supply!

For those people who desire sensually smooth skin, you may like to try on this.  
Sato Hakubi B! (Baby Smooth Skin)
1 tablet per day.
Up to 4months supply!


Hakubi has facial mask too! The perfect skin routine from Hakubi.
Sato Hakubi Q10 Mask! 
- Rejuvenates skin with soft, whiten and firm look
- Nourishing, soothing, firming
- All skin Types, especially recommended for aging skin lacking elasticity
- Purest Q10 Serum available
- Stimulates, Repairs And Regenerates

*(Good to apply before putting make up on for special occasion!)
Believe me, this is good! As I've tried on it before though. ^^

Lastly, I think once you start of such supplements, you cannot
stop as your skin will get darker again once you stop the Hakubi pills.
So you have to be ready for a long term taking of Hakubi pills, especially
financially ready as it is not cheap in the long run. :-)

*(Hakubi products are available at any Guardian, Unity& Watsons stores.)

*View my latest update here to see my before and after!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Real Or Fake?

It's not a good thing being photogenic? Because people ususally
got mistaken by undergoing plastic surgery, photoshop& etc...?
Okay anyway, I've received an email from anonymous recently,
saying about a girl named- Wang Jia Yun, from Hongkong.
&Since I'm like kinda free these days, so yeah... I'm gonna
blog about what I've received today! :-)

A 17 years old girl, named Wang Jia Yun, born in Kowloon(Hongkong),
but now lives and studies in Shenzhen(China). Only recently, Wang Jia Yun
was a top searched keyword among the major search portals especially in
South Korea. Most of her pictures were wildly circulated over the
internet where it reaches forums and sites across China, Taiwan
&Hongkong. And she was instantly labeled as the live
action blow-up doll.

For what I have here, is a picture of Wang Jia Yun's
before& after photoshop-ing her pictures,

Her *After & *Before.

With large round eyes, sharp oval face, pointed chin, sexy body and thin long
slender legs, it reminds me of one of the pretty japanese anime or final fantasy game
characters which is every guy's fantasy! Now, where can we order one!? While many
claims that she is fake and used photoshop to create her barbie look;
no matter what, Wang Jia Yun definitely has most of the Koreans
going crazy trying to befriend with  her!

Due to all the unwanted comments by her hater, she has got no
choice but to deactivate her blog. And in her latest status message, she
mentioned that she just wants a normal life and repays her parents by getting
into college. She never wanted to be a popular public figure. Teachers have called
her up after seeing her pictures online and she couldn't describe how she is feeling
at the moment. Maybe some of the pictures were photo-shopped but she
doesn't really deserve all the hate comments and remarks!

Maybe I'm too slow for this news or what-so-ever. But I suggest it's better to
keep some words unspoken at times, unwanted comments are not necessary.
 As ya'll know, some photos of me were photo-shopped too, not because of
fame or anything. I just find that by photoshop-ing pictures is very normal.
What's wrong with it? Tsk~ :/

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Herbal Essences- Dangerously Straight!

I believe most of the girls out there love straight hair? Like, who doesn't love it, yeah? :-)
So, in order to get a long/short straight hair, girls tend to use a hair straightener to straighten
their hair, &some of them may even use it everyday, just like me! But that may
cause our hair to be damage very easily! ;-( No worries, try this on!

*Herbal essences- Dangerously straight hair cream!

I've been using this product from Herbal essences for the past one year! It's pretty good and
dangerously straight indeed! My hair eventually became smoother& straight after using.
Oh yeah, it's also all right for girls who always curl their hair too. Apply before curling, &you'll
find that your hair will actually feel smoother! It's not only for straight hair users though. :-)

*FYI: Ever since I started using Herbal essences on last year's Feb,
I don't use hair straightener anymore! ;-)

I used to straighten my hair everyday with the heat of at least 160 degree celsius& above!
Say byebye to harmful hair straightener! ^^
"I love it when you come "straight" to the point!" ;>

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Well-Loved Mediterranean Herb- Lavender ♥

Do ya'll know, lavender appears to be a cell regenerator. It prevents scarring and
stretch marks and reputedly slows the development of wrinkles. It is used on burns,
sun-damaged skin, wounds, rashes, and of course, skin infections. Also, lavender
was most effective at relaxing brain waves and reducing stress& boosts immunity.

Lavenders are not only good for relaxing& etc, it's also good for our skin! :-)
Do try on more skin care products, facial masks that contain lavenders!

Can't get to sleep during late nights? Why not get a lavender aroma scent to place
it in your room? Just like me, I can't get to sleep often at night. So, my love
bought me this lavender aroma essence oil on valentine's day for me to
place it in my room. Time after time, I could really sleep well and I fall
asleep at a instant time too. No kidding, It works! ^^v

Simply pour the aroma essence oil into the white little vast.
*Do note, pour a little amount each time will do. The scent will usually last for
one to two months, which means it can be use several times! There are
refills available too. Check it out at Compass point, flora shop. Do try it out! ^_*(!)

xoxo, C

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Time after time, couples eventually ran out of places to go. So its like, same
routine all the times. As usual, a simple date with my love @ Suntec City.
To catch a movie& dinner together. :-)

Oh yeah, do ya'll know that there's another Aston outlet located at Suntec?
Well, maybe I'm too slow for this, -,-! Anyway, the outlet at The Cathay are
always filled with full of people with duper long queue! Fyi, Suntec one was
kinda- empty! So why not go to Suntec instead of The Cathay the
next time when you feel like having Aston for lunch or dinner? ;-)

Sirloin steak with two side dishes- Coleslaw& Potato salad.
Their potato salad! My all times favourtie though. :-)

Seafood Spaghetti with one side dish Mushroom soup.

Right after our dinner, we caught this horror thai movie,
- "My Ex Haunted Lover" in theater.


My rating for this movie- 7.5/10. :-)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

iPhone 4 ♥

Say hi to my new gadget baby, Apple iPhone 4!

And say byebye to my old 3Gs!

I've lost all my contacts once again, please pardon me from asking who you are.

xoxo, C