Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Herbal Essences- Dangerously Straight!

I believe most of the girls out there love straight hair? Like, who doesn't love it, yeah? :-)
So, in order to get a long/short straight hair, girls tend to use a hair straightener to straighten
their hair, &some of them may even use it everyday, just like me! But that may
cause our hair to be damage very easily! ;-( No worries, try this on!

*Herbal essences- Dangerously straight hair cream!

I've been using this product from Herbal essences for the past one year! It's pretty good and
dangerously straight indeed! My hair eventually became smoother& straight after using.
Oh yeah, it's also all right for girls who always curl their hair too. Apply before curling, &you'll
find that your hair will actually feel smoother! It's not only for straight hair users though. :-)

*FYI: Ever since I started using Herbal essences on last year's Feb,
I don't use hair straightener anymore! ;-)

I used to straighten my hair everyday with the heat of at least 160 degree celsius& above!
Say byebye to harmful hair straightener! ^^
"I love it when you come "straight" to the point!" ;>