Monday, March 14, 2011

Real Or Fake?

It's not a good thing being photogenic? Because people ususally
got mistaken by undergoing plastic surgery, photoshop& etc...?
Okay anyway, I've received an email from anonymous recently,
saying about a girl named- Wang Jia Yun, from Hongkong.
&Since I'm like kinda free these days, so yeah... I'm gonna
blog about what I've received today! :-)

A 17 years old girl, named Wang Jia Yun, born in Kowloon(Hongkong),
but now lives and studies in Shenzhen(China). Only recently, Wang Jia Yun
was a top searched keyword among the major search portals especially in
South Korea. Most of her pictures were wildly circulated over the
internet where it reaches forums and sites across China, Taiwan
&Hongkong. And she was instantly labeled as the live
action blow-up doll.

For what I have here, is a picture of Wang Jia Yun's
before& after photoshop-ing her pictures,

Her *After & *Before.

With large round eyes, sharp oval face, pointed chin, sexy body and thin long
slender legs, it reminds me of one of the pretty japanese anime or final fantasy game
characters which is every guy's fantasy! Now, where can we order one!? While many
claims that she is fake and used photoshop to create her barbie look;
no matter what, Wang Jia Yun definitely has most of the Koreans
going crazy trying to befriend with  her!

Due to all the unwanted comments by her hater, she has got no
choice but to deactivate her blog. And in her latest status message, she
mentioned that she just wants a normal life and repays her parents by getting
into college. She never wanted to be a popular public figure. Teachers have called
her up after seeing her pictures online and she couldn't describe how she is feeling
at the moment. Maybe some of the pictures were photo-shopped but she
doesn't really deserve all the hate comments and remarks!

Maybe I'm too slow for this news or what-so-ever. But I suggest it's better to
keep some words unspoken at times, unwanted comments are not necessary.
 As ya'll know, some photos of me were photo-shopped too, not because of
fame or anything. I just find that by photoshop-ing pictures is very normal.
What's wrong with it? Tsk~ :/