Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hi, Skincare lovers!
I believe all of ya'll wants a beautiful fair skin, yeah? :) So, how can
we get a bright& beautiful fair skin? Inject whitening jabs? Nah~ no no no!
Too expensive& I'm afraid of injection too, anyway. Hahs~! :-) So, I'm gonna
recommend ya'll this *painless, yet effective way on whitening your skin!

Whitening pills, imported from Japan!
Sato Hakubi White C! (Enhance your skin whitening)
6 tablets per day.
Up to 3months supply!

*New product from Sato!
Sato Hakubi C Gel!
*(Concentrated treatment)
Apply only on pigmentation& dark spots, not the whole face!

*FYI- I'm not as fair as what I'm now. For those who've known me three years back,
I believe you guys notice the changed of my skin tone previously. I was once named as a malay
born chinese girl, LOL~! -,- Well, too bad I don't have a picture of me here to prove how
effective. Hakubi White C pills is, but it definitely works! ;>

Oh& by the way, I've been eating this Hakubi White C pills for years already! Yes, for years!
Definitely no side effects for me! Will be trying out the Hakubi C gel like, very soon! Heh~!
As I heard that by taking Hakubi White C pills& using Hakubi C Gel, will get a more effective
way to whiten your skin faster! ;-) Hakubi White C pills does not only helps in lighten scars,
it whitens your whole body& skin blemishes too!

At the same time, I tried staying indoor, avoiding sun, even if I'm out, I will put on sunscreen
lotion. Taking the pills like vita C, brightens the skin and clearer! My freckles on my hand,
&blemishes seem to fade abit though. :-)

 If you are only concern about skin pigmentation, sunburn &discolouration problems,
you may try on Hakubi C2 instead!

Sato Hakubi C2! (Skin Whitening)

Even my mom has been eating this Hakubi C2 pills for years too! Heh~
4 tablets per day.
Up to 3 an a half months supply!

For those people who desire sensually smooth skin, you may like to try on this.  
Sato Hakubi B! (Baby Smooth Skin)
1 tablet per day.
Up to 4months supply!


Hakubi has facial mask too! The perfect skin routine from Hakubi.
Sato Hakubi Q10 Mask! 
- Rejuvenates skin with soft, whiten and firm look
- Nourishing, soothing, firming
- All skin Types, especially recommended for aging skin lacking elasticity
- Purest Q10 Serum available
- Stimulates, Repairs And Regenerates

*(Good to apply before putting make up on for special occasion!)
Believe me, this is good! As I've tried on it before though. ^^

Lastly, I think once you start of such supplements, you cannot
stop as your skin will get darker again once you stop the Hakubi pills.
So you have to be ready for a long term taking of Hakubi pills, especially
financially ready as it is not cheap in the long run. :-)

*(Hakubi products are available at any Guardian, Unity& Watsons stores.)

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