Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thai Style Eating- Moo Kata!

A day out with my love on Saturday at Goldenmile Complex for dinner! ;> Wonder why
we to make our trip all the way there just for lunch? Heh, because bb said that there's this
Thai style eating Bbq& Steamboat thingy located there, which's so called the moo kata.
Literally means "pork pan" in Thai language.

Moo Kata is a cheap and cheerful Thai feast. ^^

Barbeque on the top and create a sort of soup on the bottom which quickly turns into a delicious
broth! The best part would be the Bbq pig liver! Uh huh~! Never try before, yeah? Its superb
NAIZE! Oh, by the way, do ya'll notice the three pieces of white color meat above? To clear
your doubts, that's not any edible meat, that's Pig Oil! YES, PIG OIL! :O Because they don't
use butter for bbq, but pig oil instead!

Bb, its time to trim your fringe a little, it's longer than mine already!

Well, do not judge the book by its cover. The food may not seems tempting here, but in fact, its pretty nicey! ;> &All the ingredients are marinated with, sesame I guess? Smells really nice though!
By looking at the picture above, ya'll might think, "Huh, so little food?" LOL! Try& you'll know.
I have to say, Moo Kata is for mature stomachs. The rest of us mere mortals will have to crawl
back to our home thinking, "How could I pig out so much?!" And hope to digest the
enormous amount of food by the next morning! :-D


Bb: Baby, look at these veggies, looks like a stalk of flowers hor?
Me: Eh~ Ya lor! Looks quite nice also ley, LOL!
Bb: Nice uh? Okay lor, next year's valentine's I buy you this.
Me: (~,~#) !

Happy 9th monthsary in advance, Babyboy! ^^v