Saturday, March 05, 2011

Time after time, couples eventually ran out of places to go. So its like, same
routine all the times. As usual, a simple date with my love @ Suntec City.
To catch a movie& dinner together. :-)

Oh yeah, do ya'll know that there's another Aston outlet located at Suntec?
Well, maybe I'm too slow for this, -,-! Anyway, the outlet at The Cathay are
always filled with full of people with duper long queue! Fyi, Suntec one was
kinda- empty! So why not go to Suntec instead of The Cathay the
next time when you feel like having Aston for lunch or dinner? ;-)

Sirloin steak with two side dishes- Coleslaw& Potato salad.
Their potato salad! My all times favourtie though. :-)

Seafood Spaghetti with one side dish Mushroom soup.

Right after our dinner, we caught this horror thai movie,
- "My Ex Haunted Lover" in theater.


My rating for this movie- 7.5/10. :-)