Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boyfriend's Mom Birthday Celebration!

Dinner& Bb's mom birthday celebration at Ban Heng Pavillion Restaurant!
Located @ 1 Maritime Square, Harbourfront Center. Ban Heng Pavillion
Restaurant is a restaurant that serves Cantonese and Teochew Cuisine. :)

I know I look kinda extra in this picture, because I'm the tallest, Heh!
Bb's missing because he was the camera man.
It is really cold at the restaurant, so bb's elder brother had no choice but to wrap
that indian style scarf around him, LOL!
Notice all the pictures taken are not very clear? Uhm, beats me either.

Happy Birthday to Bb's mom! ^^

Very sinful dinner! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

I was browsing through my photo album& I found this picture of me& my clique!
I don't know if they're going to kill me for posting this or not, but... this is
just something to share la, memories what. HAHAHA! ^^
This was taken like two years ago? HAHAHA, Oh.my.goodness! ;-D
One thing I can only remember about this picture is that this was taken on
valentine's day. Yeah, at that time, we were all single! Hee hee! You guys
must be thinking that, "Walau, so ugly, no wonder single la!" Yeah?
Oh well, fuck you! HAHAHA! ^^

P.S-  I know the quality of this picture sucks!
As it was taken by my Sony Ericsson phone. LOLLL(!)

Two years later,
This time round, it's not on valentine's day but good friday. HEH! ^^

P.S- Pardon me for blogging this, I was just bored. :-D

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Girls Outing! ♥

Yes! All of us finally meet up after so long! As some
of them has to go to school, while some of them are working. So we don't
really have time for each other sometimes. Even if sometimes we were to meet,
not all of us can make it. And since it's a public holiday- Good Friday. All of
decided to use this time to do a catch up with each other! ^^

Our very first time taking neoprints! ^^

We then headed to Geylang Lorong 3 for dinner,
@ Da Chang Jin Korean BBQ& Steamboat.

My face totally changed when I saw all the foods. :/
I got a feeling that I'm going to have serious diarrhea the next day. 

Overall, NOT SINFUL AT ALL! :/
The foods are all not fresh at all! The veggies are all dried up! Their tongs are all so damn sticky
like fuck! And all the surroundings are so damn oily &dirty! I guess they never wash it since the day
they're opened. -,-! They claimed that it's a Korean style BBQ& Steamboat? C'mom, it seems more
like a china style to me. Seriously, I'll never ever step in there anymore(!)  I can even remember
what I ate, 3 fishballs, 2 slices of meat, 2 mushrooms and a don't what china style bun or whatever.
Frankly speaking, I'd rather eat at the food court. :/ Okay, whatever. Let's not talk about
it anymore. &Thank God, no diarrhea.

Last stop, we headed to Trina's house to play Wii! ;-)
My favourite color, pink! Hee hee ;>!


Well, I'm a noob at games. So I camwhore at one corner
myself while they're all happily playing.

A day well spent! ;>

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First of all, do click on my nuffnang ads first! ;)

A picture of me with my red head, hee hee! :-) In case you all miss my red head
I've dyed it a year back. I'm kinda missing it though. :-)

There's this one thing I think I really have to confess about. Is that, I never ever undergo plastic
surgery for my nose at all! The reason why am I explaining here, it's because I've always received
questions on my FS about, "Why your nose so fake!?" & "Did you undergo surgery for your nose?"
Hey guys, come on! It may seems fake but in fact, it's real! Whatever it is, I never undergo plastic
surgery, that's it! I hope I've cleared all your doubts. :-)

Sincerely, Cherlyn 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why do you always behave so emotional? Something's wrong
with you or what? Or do you think going around calling people's mad
is normal? We're mad? All right, then you're definitely crazy, I swear! :/

Sincerely, Cherlyn.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

People always wonder, how does someone looks like without makeup.
Well, I don't find it ugly or etc, with a naked face. I think most of you are aware
that my daily makeup routine consists of an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, BB cream,
loose powder, blusher, fake eyelashes& some lipgloss,(Only when I remember).

Makeup is one of many tools we have at our stylistic disposal, and it can highlight
what we love about our gorgeous faces. It can also mask what we don’t love
about our gorgeous faces, and that is not inherently harmful. While total
self-acceptance is a  worthy goal, as we travel that long road we are
allowed to chose for ourselves what we celebrate and what we
downplay. And makeup can help us do either or both.

But I don’t think any woman should feel obliged to wear makeup in order to
feel gorgeous, presentable, or like herself. I will admit to being troubled
when friends tells me she panics at the thought of being seen without
makeup even by  her spouse, partner, family, or close friends.
*Lack of self-love or confidence? I don't know? :/

Most of the time, I'm comfortable not wearing any makeup, but I'm not
going to lie: There are days that it helps lift&boost my mood. It's a tool that helps
confidence. However, nothing is better for your self-steem than having yourself
and your love ones looking at you when you're wearing nothing special but
what god gave you and realizing that it is all awesome! :-D

My boyfriend actually hates it when I wear makeup and says it cheapens
my natural beauty. Not only my boyfriend hates it, even my parents and some
of my friends hates it too. Hah!

Well, as you can see, my double eyelids are not that obvious.
So ya'll think that it's ugly? Nah, I don't think we have to be made up in order to
look right to ourselves what, Heh! ;-)

Sincerely, Cherlyn

Monday, April 11, 2011

Har Par Villa

A trip to Haw Par Villa with my babyboy! ^^
The purpose of going there is because bb have not been there before, lol. :-D
Well, it's not lame. Instead of catching a movie, same routine all the times. That's
simply way too boring, like seriously! Don't cha think so? Going to somewhere
special yet not so special, to experience& explore things we yet to know, at least
we spent our day fruitfully, rather than walking aimlessly in the mall or, etc. ;-)

While waiting for bb to come and pick me! ;-D

Haw Par Villa.
In english, Haw Par Villa translates as Villa of the Tiger and Leopard.

Wishing Well

Fu Lu Shou

 The 18th Hell Gate.

Before sinners reincarnation,

Take note of what my bb is doing...
 HAHAHA~! Bb, can you please behave yourself?


We then headed to Vivo City to settle our dinner after spending our whole afternoon at HPV.

"awfullychocolate." NAISE ~ ! ^^

Look at this picture of him, like act fierce hor? Okay, the story of this picture was because he was complaining when can he have his ice cream peacefully?

Me: "Okay fine! I'll take again later on." 
Bb: WALAU! Take take take (-,-)

I told cha I'll take again, hahahahaha! Look at his shag face!

I had a great day! ^^v