Thursday, April 07, 2011

I walk a path with my own two feet& It's never gonna be an easy thing. Now that
I've roughly know the results, at least I'm relief. I'm silly, but what to do? Time
can never bring us back, all we can do is to leave with it and continue walking.

I've mentioned earlier about I'll be taking private this year- It's been cancelled!
As due to some personal issue, I'm gonna drag this for another one more year.
Meanwhile, I can take these time to consider on which course I'm gonna
pursue. Although I've thought of taking on accounting course, but still,
I do need more time to consider, because I'm a very frickle person. :/

About my love life, heh! I've been falling in love for nine months already!
I can say, we're steadily stable. I believe this relationship will not have any
expiry dates, but a lifetime. Pardon, I'm not naive. As love's all about
the feel, so yeah, this is how I felt. ^^v

Perhaps I may not have much time spending with my pals.
Because I'm gonna meet up with ten more than you guys now. But still, I'll try
to make it for ya'll whenever I can. :-)

I'm happy to see that my granny's well now. :-) As ususal, Daddy's
always busy working, so as mommy. I'm the only child at home, of course I
do feel the boredom! But well, I've already use to it. Anyway, Happy Birthday
to my aunty, Heh! Fyi, my aunty's a Vietnamese. :-)

It's funny how the people who know the least about you,
always have the most to say. -,-

*Just a gentle reminder.
Questions that does not concern me on my formspring, will not be entertain.
So as nasty questions and all the spams. I suggest ya'll shall not waste too much time at it.
Sincerely, Cherlyn. :-)

Okay, I know you guys simply loves to see ugly photos of any girls, yeah?
Here I have one to show you, so please stop asking me to show an ugly
picture of myself on my formspring anymore. :-)

Yeah, laugh all you want. Because I'm laughing at it too.
If anyone of ya'll think that this's still not enough, then I'm so
sorry about it. Because this is what I have in my personal photo album.
P.S- It's not edited!

All right,