Monday, April 25, 2011

I was browsing through my photo album& I found this picture of me& my clique!
I don't know if they're going to kill me for posting this or not, but... this is
just something to share la, memories what. HAHAHA! ^^
This was taken like two years ago? HAHAHA,! ;-D
One thing I can only remember about this picture is that this was taken on
valentine's day. Yeah, at that time, we were all single! Hee hee! You guys
must be thinking that, "Walau, so ugly, no wonder single la!" Yeah?
Oh well, fuck you! HAHAHA! ^^

P.S-  I know the quality of this picture sucks!
As it was taken by my Sony Ericsson phone. LOLLL(!)

Two years later,
This time round, it's not on valentine's day but good friday. HEH! ^^

P.S- Pardon me for blogging this, I was just bored. :-D