Friday, April 22, 2011

My Girls Outing! ♥

Yes! All of us finally meet up after so long! As some
of them has to go to school, while some of them are working. So we don't
really have time for each other sometimes. Even if sometimes we were to meet,
not all of us can make it. And since it's a public holiday- Good Friday. All of
decided to use this time to do a catch up with each other! ^^

Our very first time taking neoprints! ^^

We then headed to Geylang Lorong 3 for dinner,
@ Da Chang Jin Korean BBQ& Steamboat.

My face totally changed when I saw all the foods. :/
I got a feeling that I'm going to have serious diarrhea the next day. 

Overall, NOT SINFUL AT ALL! :/
The foods are all not fresh at all! The veggies are all dried up! Their tongs are all so damn sticky
like fuck! And all the surroundings are so damn oily &dirty! I guess they never wash it since the day
they're opened. -,-! They claimed that it's a Korean style BBQ& Steamboat? C'mom, it seems more
like a china style to me. Seriously, I'll never ever step in there anymore(!)  I can even remember
what I ate, 3 fishballs, 2 slices of meat, 2 mushrooms and a don't what china style bun or whatever.
Frankly speaking, I'd rather eat at the food court. :/ Okay, whatever. Let's not talk about
it anymore. &Thank God, no diarrhea.

Last stop, we headed to Trina's house to play Wii! ;-)
My favourite color, pink! Hee hee ;>!


Well, I'm a noob at games. So I camwhore at one corner
myself while they're all happily playing.

A day well spent! ;>