Monday, April 11, 2011

Har Par Villa

A trip to Haw Par Villa with my babyboy! ^^
The purpose of going there is because bb have not been there before, lol. :-D
Well, it's not lame. Instead of catching a movie, same routine all the times. That's
simply way too boring, like seriously! Don't cha think so? Going to somewhere
special yet not so special, to experience& explore things we yet to know, at least
we spent our day fruitfully, rather than walking aimlessly in the mall or, etc. ;-)

While waiting for bb to come and pick me! ;-D

Haw Par Villa.
In english, Haw Par Villa translates as Villa of the Tiger and Leopard.

Wishing Well

Fu Lu Shou

 The 18th Hell Gate.

Before sinners reincarnation,

Take note of what my bb is doing...
 HAHAHA~! Bb, can you please behave yourself?


We then headed to Vivo City to settle our dinner after spending our whole afternoon at HPV.

"awfullychocolate." NAISE ~ ! ^^

Look at this picture of him, like act fierce hor? Okay, the story of this picture was because he was complaining when can he have his ice cream peacefully?

Me: "Okay fine! I'll take again later on." 
Bb: WALAU! Take take take (-,-)

I told cha I'll take again, hahahahaha! Look at his shag face!

I had a great day! ^^v