Monday, May 30, 2011


But so sadly to say that I've to postpone the celebrations with my
cliques till after 14th of June! :-( It's because of an on-going project lor, SIGH!
Imagine I've to wakeup at 7am everyday& this stupid thing ends at 4pm! It
should ends at 5pm actually, It's because I skip my break time, as I wanna go off
early. Which means to say, no lunch for me all the way till dinner time! SIGH! :-(
Well, it's okay, time files! 14th June, make sure you come to me fast man!
All right, lets not talk about this. Anyway, a good news for me! I'll be going
to Universal Studio this coming Saturday with my babyboy, YAYYYYY~!
As bb promised me to bring me there on my birthday! Heh, eggcited! ^^v
Had a simple birthday dinner with bb& his parents @ Warren golf club! ^^
*P.S- No pictures was taken because I was wearing a naked face, LOL!
**P.S- Not the picture above, as that was taken few days back. :-)
&There's nothing much for me to take pictures of though. I bet you
guys are sick of looking at my camwhore& those foods pictures, yeah?
HAHAHAHA! All right, (slap) those who say yes.

I got another new love pressie from Papady for birthday! ;>
Samsung baby

And of course, not forgetting the one I got earlier on from my babyboy! ^^

Lastly, thanks for all the birthday wishes! You guys are loved!
***P.S- My mom say, if I say out what's my birthday wishes, it'll never come
true. Heh, so sorry then! I'm not gonna say out any of my wishes here. ^^

Tell you guys a secret! What I wished for my last year's birthday was,
I hoped to find my right guy soon! Hee hee hee, and now I've founded!
NNHR! ^^

****P.S- Just a very short update today. Do stay tuned! ;-)
Goodnight, readers!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hi, folks!
I'll be away for the next two weeks due to some personal reason. Which means
to say, I'll be back blogging after 14th June. :-( Ohyeah! By the way, it's gonna
be my 11th monthsary with my love two days later! Which is on the 29th!
And and and, three more days to my legal 19th birthday! YAYYY~! ^^
Hee hee hee, I can't wait~! As I've mentioned earlier on, I'll only be free
after 14th of June. But I'll still try my best to do some updates! So meanwhile,
to those who've a Twitter account, feel free to follow me to get my
latest updates, okey?:-)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I received an email from someone last night, about this particular no life
guy was saying about me. -,- Yeah, &so I've decided to blog about it today.
Before I start, can you guys tell what's wrong with this picture below?

Something's wrong with our picture angle? I'm looking freaking ugly in this
picture? Or my boyfriend is super handsome? LOLLL! :X Okay, cut the crap!
It's non of the above! Problem with this picture is, I post picture showing
my boyfriends cleavages! -,- Wtf? Yeah, seriously WTF! :/

Don't you think a women's cleavages is more attractive than guys one?

Don't know what's wrong with this guy named- David Wong.
I don't know how the hell he founded out my blog, and he blogged about
me with the picture of my boyfriend& I which I've shown above, saying that,
"Bloggers post pictures of their boyfriend's cleavages." My goodness!
So what if I posted the picture of my boyfriend showing off his cleavage?
Probably you're one of those fat man and you're jealous of my
boyfriend's sexy body. HAHAHA~!

Well, he's concerned, he hope his girlfriend don't blog, and he's curious what do
people blog about. To me, blogging is something like a personal diary. We blog
about things that happens in our life, to share our happiest moment with peoples
around &etc. So we can recall back during those happy moments in the future.
Although sometimes we might share something personal, but I believe bloggers
don't share personal things like "How do they shave their pussy hair, right?" -,-!
So what's wrong with blogging?

I think someone copy& paste what he has posted on to blogger
web, because this blog has got only one blog post. &From what I know,
David Wong has been blogging since year 2004. But after countless of
rubbish he had published on his blog, his blog were reported& deactivated.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello Kitty Tongue Tattoo ♥

There're many different kinds of Hello Kitty designs available, &Inside every packet,
there're two designs! :-) I think there're like 20 pieces? Uhm, forgotten. Heh!


Monday, May 23, 2011

I didin't know that by using iphone4 can take such nice pictures! :-D
The brightness and the picture quality is good, just like it was taken by a camera.
 Okay maybe I'm too slow for this, but I believe there'll be some noob iphone4
users who don't know about this! HAHAHA~ ^^

HDR on!

Compared to pictures without HDR on.
One of my favourite body mist from Victoria's Secret!
Pure Seduction~ *(winks)

Saw the difference between HDR on& off? :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Today's weather temperature- 28°C. In fact, it feels like 33°C!
Tomorrow will be 32°C- OMG! -,- My current health status is
really bad! Fever, flu, cough, nose block, ear block& my tooth's
f'in painful! ;-( My gums are swollen! :O Is it because I'm too heaty or
it's time for me to visit the dental soon? Oh, I hate going to the dental!
I remembered during my primary and secondary school time, it always
have this dental check up for every student in the school. But I really hate
going to the dental, so whenever it's my turn, I'll always hide inside the ladies!
HAHAHA! After one hour has past, then I go back to class. Heh :-D!

Anyway, you guys should really take care of yourself, please do not
fall sick like me. :-( Do drink more plain water, at least
8 big glasses of plain water each day! :-)

Take care~! ^^

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Webby Camwhore!

Hee hee hee! ^^

Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring 2011 Makeup Trends& D.I.Y Lightening Cream!

If you are cautious of keeping up with the latest fashion styles,
you should also try to know about the latest makeup trends. Checking beauty
magazines, fashion journals and online magazines dedicated to this niche can
help you to gather required information on latest makeup trends. Below you will
find a compilation of some of the most popular 2011 spring makeup trends! :-)

Makeup Foundation For Spring 2011!
Our faces are one of the few parts of the body that are always exposed
to the elements, so it’s not surprising to learn that our skin tones can change
throughout the year. Makeup can help you put your best face forward all through
the year, and foundation is an important part of creating a healthy, smooth look.
Your skin has different needs depending on the temperature, your complexion
and the look you’re trying to create, and foundation helps you achieve it.

Spring is the time of year of renewal, and this is reflected in the lighter colors
and makeup we wear. The classic look for spring is always fresh and healthy,
and foundation can help you achieve that look. So it’s important to choose
a foundation that is appropriate for your skin tone.

Always try to test foundation before you buy it, because the color in the
bottle may not stay the same when it comes in contact with your skin. Try a little
on your hand and let it dry for a couple of minutes to see the real color.
Foundation for spring should always look natural, so be sure it will
blend well with your neckline.

When applying foundation for spring, the goal should be to use as little
as possible to create a fresh and natural effect. Always use a base of
moisturizer before applying foundation and blot away excess moisturizer or
oil before applying. This will help keep the foundation from looking patchy
and will help create a smoother appearance. Apply the foundation with your
fingertips and use just enough to cover the face without being too thick.

A good tip for using less foundation is to combine a small amount of foundation
in your hand with moisturizer, which will help your own skin shine
through and keep the color even.

Bright Eye Makeup For Those With Beautiful Eyes!
If you have got beautiful eyes, bright eye makeup is right for you this season.
Bright eye makeup can significantly increase the appeal of your gorgeous eyes.
Most women prefer to use bright eye makeup style during the evening time.
This makeup style is known to create maximum evil in the evening time.
You can attract everyone's attention at a party or some other event by
enhancing the beauty of your eyes with orange, blue, green and
pink colored eye-shadows! Pink is especially one of my favourite
on this spring season!

Smokey Eye Makeup.
Smokey eye makeup style has been popular for a long time now.
This year, it seems that smokey eye makeup will continue to maintain its charm
among women. The reason behind great popularity of smokey eye makeup
is also the ease with which it can be mastered.  Most women prefer to use
grey or black eye –shadow for a smokey eye makeup. Dark blue
eye-shadow can also be used to give a trendy look to eyes in spring 2011.

Nude Lips And Natural Looks.
Several women will stick to nude lipsticks in spring 2011.
You can try many variants including coral, rose, brown or peach.
You can even go for some extra deep or bright lipsticks this season.
Nude lipsticks can help you get a stunning look in spring 2011. Nude lips
along with brown colored eye-shadow look awesome on all women!

Prepare A Skin Lightening Cream At Home!

1. Take equal amounts of egg white and lemon juice.

2. Mix these two and heat them on a small frying pan& wait until
the mixture turns semi-solid.

3. Now remove the paste from the pan and keep it inside a jar.
Let the jar cool down in a refrigerator.

4. Apply the paste on your skin and wait until 15 minutes before rinsing.

It is very effective for removing sun tan. Use this cream every day until you
get the desired skin tone. It works well on me, &I even use this self D.I.Y
cream to apply on the scars I have on my legs too. It really lightens a lot! ^^

All right, thats all for today's post.
Hope you learn some tips today! :-)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Your smile simply makes my day! ^^v

My Love,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Favourite- Papaya Milk ♥

Papaya is especially beneficial for women, because it helps moisturizing your skin,
as well as enlarge your breasts. A lot of girls choose to drink papaya milk on a daily basis,
to get the beautiful skin plus the S curve. Who doesn’t want to be hot and beautiful?
So let’s just get started! ^^

Papaya milk in packet. This is for lazy people like me, who're often lazy to blend fresh
papaya milk everyday, Heh! :x Can be found at any supermarket at NTUC Fairprice!

For those who prefer fresh papaya juice,

1) 1 Papaya (Small)
2) 500ml of low fat milk. (Prefer rich creamy taste? Go for full cream!)
3) 1-2 spoon of honey

Actually both packet or the fresh one, is the same. Just that some people  would prefer the
fresh one instead of those in packet. Individual preference! For me, I'll blend it myself at least 
once a week at home. As for the rest of the days, I'll just get myself the one in packet kind. :-)

I do add in honey into my self- blend papaya milk, because it’s good for our skin& also
moisturize our skin& internal organs! &I drink papaya milk everyday without fail! Hee hee~ ^^

Monday, May 09, 2011

My Baby Cousin ♥

Finally, my aunt gave birth to her first babyboy- Wei Jian! ^^ Weighting: 3.55kg. Very heavy lorrrr!
My mommy told me, I weight only 2.25kg when I was born, Heh! ;-) How about ya'll?

Fyi- My baby cousin's a singapore mix vietnam babyboy, because my aunt's a Vietnamese!

I swear my baby cousin is damn cute! With two dimples& a pair big round eyes, Hee hee hee~!
Ya'll know, I love guys with dimples, cute max! (o^^o) Fyi again, my love do have
dimple too! But only one side, lol!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Finally meet up with both Darren& Lynn!
It's been sucha a long time we last met up with each other. I think the last
time we met up was six months ago, or even longer? Lol, really can't remember!
Knowing that both of them are currently doing good in school, also get to know
quite a lot of things from them. &Some things really turn me off after hearing it!
But well, what to do? As you know, most guys are behaving like a bitch
nowadays. Don't ya'll think so? They gossip, they bad-mouth, they backstab,
everything! Just like what secondary school girls loves to do. Seriously, f'in turn
off! You guys will never be a real man, small penies! LOLLL. :x

P.S: The picture quality sucks as it was taken by, iphone4 VGA screen.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

New Love ♥

My birthday present from bb in advance! Hee hee~ ^^v

Thanks, NNHR!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Selling - VS Hot Pink Satin Tote!


100% Authentic!
No stains, no tear, have not use before!
Condition: Perfect10/10!
Bought it from Victoria's Secret blogshop,
Usual price SGD99.90, am letting it go at *SGD60!
*(Inclusive reg postage fee.)

It's bigger than A4 size& the color would be definitely nicer compare
to pictures! It's a very hot pink in color. To those who really love the color
hot pink, you should consider this! ^^ &I bought this bag on March'11,
guarantee have not use before! As I've stated very clearly above, bag is
100 per cent authentic! &It's still at its perfect 10/10 condition! :-)

Interested buyer do email me at:
or you may also pm me on my facebook! :-)