Friday, May 06, 2011

Finally meet up with both Darren& Lynn!
It's been sucha a long time we last met up with each other. I think the last
time we met up was six months ago, or even longer? Lol, really can't remember!
Knowing that both of them are currently doing good in school, also get to know
quite a lot of things from them. &Some things really turn me off after hearing it!
But well, what to do? As you know, most guys are behaving like a bitch
nowadays. Don't ya'll think so? They gossip, they bad-mouth, they backstab,
everything! Just like what secondary school girls loves to do. Seriously, f'in turn
off! You guys will never be a real man, small penies! LOLLL. :x

P.S: The picture quality sucks as it was taken by, iphone4 VGA screen.