Monday, May 30, 2011


But so sadly to say that I've to postpone the celebrations with my
cliques till after 14th of June! :-( It's because of an on-going project lor, SIGH!
Imagine I've to wakeup at 7am everyday& this stupid thing ends at 4pm! It
should ends at 5pm actually, It's because I skip my break time, as I wanna go off
early. Which means to say, no lunch for me all the way till dinner time! SIGH! :-(
Well, it's okay, time files! 14th June, make sure you come to me fast man!
All right, lets not talk about this. Anyway, a good news for me! I'll be going
to Universal Studio this coming Saturday with my babyboy, YAYYYYY~!
As bb promised me to bring me there on my birthday! Heh, eggcited! ^^v
Had a simple birthday dinner with bb& his parents @ Warren golf club! ^^
*P.S- No pictures was taken because I was wearing a naked face, LOL!
**P.S- Not the picture above, as that was taken few days back. :-)
&There's nothing much for me to take pictures of though. I bet you
guys are sick of looking at my camwhore& those foods pictures, yeah?
HAHAHAHA! All right, (slap) those who say yes.

I got another new love pressie from Papady for birthday! ;>
Samsung baby

And of course, not forgetting the one I got earlier on from my babyboy! ^^

Lastly, thanks for all the birthday wishes! You guys are loved!
***P.S- My mom say, if I say out what's my birthday wishes, it'll never come
true. Heh, so sorry then! I'm not gonna say out any of my wishes here. ^^

Tell you guys a secret! What I wished for my last year's birthday was,
I hoped to find my right guy soon! Hee hee hee, and now I've founded!
NNHR! ^^

****P.S- Just a very short update today. Do stay tuned! ;-)
Goodnight, readers!