Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I received an email from someone last night, about this particular no life
guy was saying about me. -,- Yeah, &so I've decided to blog about it today.
Before I start, can you guys tell what's wrong with this picture below?

Something's wrong with our picture angle? I'm looking freaking ugly in this
picture? Or my boyfriend is super handsome? LOLLL! :X Okay, cut the crap!
It's non of the above! Problem with this picture is, I post picture showing
my boyfriends cleavages! -,- Wtf? Yeah, seriously WTF! :/

Don't you think a women's cleavages is more attractive than guys one?

Don't know what's wrong with this guy named- David Wong.
I don't know how the hell he founded out my blog, and he blogged about
me with the picture of my boyfriend& I which I've shown above, saying that,
"Bloggers post pictures of their boyfriend's cleavages." My goodness!
So what if I posted the picture of my boyfriend showing off his cleavage?
Probably you're one of those fat man and you're jealous of my
boyfriend's sexy body. HAHAHA~!

Well, he's concerned, he hope his girlfriend don't blog, and he's curious what do
people blog about. To me, blogging is something like a personal diary. We blog
about things that happens in our life, to share our happiest moment with peoples
around &etc. So we can recall back during those happy moments in the future.
Although sometimes we might share something personal, but I believe bloggers
don't share personal things like "How do they shave their pussy hair, right?" -,-!
So what's wrong with blogging?

I think someone copy& paste what he has posted on to blogger
web, because this blog has got only one blog post. &From what I know,
David Wong has been blogging since year 2004. But after countless of
rubbish he had published on his blog, his blog were reported& deactivated.