Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Favourite- Papaya Milk ♥

Papaya is especially beneficial for women, because it helps moisturizing your skin,
as well as enlarge your breasts. A lot of girls choose to drink papaya milk on a daily basis,
to get the beautiful skin plus the S curve. Who doesn’t want to be hot and beautiful?
So let’s just get started! ^^

Papaya milk in packet. This is for lazy people like me, who're often lazy to blend fresh
papaya milk everyday, Heh! :x Can be found at any supermarket at NTUC Fairprice!

For those who prefer fresh papaya juice,

1) 1 Papaya (Small)
2) 500ml of low fat milk. (Prefer rich creamy taste? Go for full cream!)
3) 1-2 spoon of honey

Actually both packet or the fresh one, is the same. Just that some people  would prefer the
fresh one instead of those in packet. Individual preference! For me, I'll blend it myself at least 
once a week at home. As for the rest of the days, I'll just get myself the one in packet kind. :-)

I do add in honey into my self- blend papaya milk, because it’s good for our skin& also
moisturize our skin& internal organs! &I drink papaya milk everyday without fail! Hee hee~ ^^