Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Selling - VS Hot Pink Satin Tote!


100% Authentic!
No stains, no tear, have not use before!
Condition: Perfect10/10!
Bought it from Victoria's Secret blogshop,
Usual price SGD99.90, am letting it go at *SGD60!
*(Inclusive reg postage fee.)

It's bigger than A4 size& the color would be definitely nicer compare
to pictures! It's a very hot pink in color. To those who really love the color
hot pink, you should consider this! ^^ &I bought this bag on March'11,
guarantee have not use before! As I've stated very clearly above, bag is
100 per cent authentic! &It's still at its perfect 10/10 condition! :-)

Interested buyer do email me at:
or you may also pm me on my facebook! :-)