Friday, May 20, 2011

Today's weather temperature- 28°C. In fact, it feels like 33°C!
Tomorrow will be 32°C- OMG! -,- My current health status is
really bad! Fever, flu, cough, nose block, ear block& my tooth's
f'in painful! ;-( My gums are swollen! :O Is it because I'm too heaty or
it's time for me to visit the dental soon? Oh, I hate going to the dental!
I remembered during my primary and secondary school time, it always
have this dental check up for every student in the school. But I really hate
going to the dental, so whenever it's my turn, I'll always hide inside the ladies!
HAHAHA! After one hour has past, then I go back to class. Heh :-D!

Anyway, you guys should really take care of yourself, please do not
fall sick like me. :-( Do drink more plain water, at least
8 big glasses of plain water each day! :-)

Take care~! ^^