Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OUR 29TH ♥

After all these months, we finally call it 1 year, baby! ^^v
Time really files!

*P.S- I've just upgraded my internet to Windows 9, but so sadly to say
that there're some problems occurring! :-( Do stay tuned for more
upcoming blog post!

xo, Cherlyn.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Belated 19TH Birthday Celebration!

Almost one month later, then I get to celebrate my super belated
birthday with my cliques! :-) Due to school& work, it's pretty hard for us to
fork out some time for each other. But no matter what, we'll still try our very
best to make some time for each other. It always feels so good to have us
together ~! ^^ &Although my birthday had past one month ago, but they
still celebrated for me like as if my birthday was today! ^^

Our very first stop,
Dinner @ The Cafe Cartel.
And so, everyone of us started to camwhore while waiting for the food
we ordered to be serve! :-)
With Singyan& Jennifer.
Kerina, Trina& Meifang.
You know what, got boyfriend is like that one.
24/7 sms, sms, sms... non stop! Hee hee ~
iphone 4 ftw baby ~ ! ;-D
You guys must be thinking the rabito iphone is mine, yeah?
Although I've though of buying that long ago, but you are wrong!
Mine is the normal pink one! ^^

Here comes the foods ~

Free-flow of breads& I their butter! ^^
My all times favourite- Cream of mushroom! ^^
Texas Rodeo Rib
This looks excatly like the above picture, I know.
But that's Rodeo rib and this's Honey rib, different! :-)
Uh-huh, this is mine!
Sirloin steak with spaghetti, medium rare. :-)
Tranditional mushroom spaghetti.
No more meat for her to eat, LOL ~
What a sinful dinner ~ ^^
Thank you ladies, for the treat! 

Later at night, we went to everyone's favourite chill out place,
Starbucks! :-)
This girl was busy playing the games on my iphone& ignoring me while the
rest went to make orders. So I was camwhoring myself like
an idiot beside her, Lol. -,-
Here comes the sweetysss! ;>
Sweet ~
Very sweet ~
Super sweet ~
I think you'll get instant diabetes if you eat the three of it at one go.
Oh, by the way, this was my birthday cake! HAHAHA ~ !!
With a pinky ball ball on top, looks like a lolipop, but in fact it's not.
I'm not so sure with what's that as I'm not the one who ordered it
though. :-) They even sang a birthday song for me in a very soft tone,
that's so cute of them! :-D
Gonna take a few pictures first before I try on it. :-D
I don't know how to describe what does this excatly taste like, but I'm
so sorry to say that it's not nice at all. ;-( For what I tell, the pink color
thingy was made of chocolate, as for this inside part, beats me!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This's still the best though! Combination of peanut butter and caramel.
Although is a little too sweet.
While I was eating the cake half way through, they told me that,
"although your birthday had over, but we'll still help you to celebrate one."
Hee hee, and then after saying that, Jennifer pass me this,
A necklace from Swarovski
That's one thing I wish to have on my birthday! And I swear I didn't
tell them about it. If some of y'all happened to saw it on my Formspring
months ago, I've actually mentioned this on my Formspring before.
Uhm, maybe one of them saw it? :-)

Seriously! I never expect them to buy anything for me. At first when we
asked for the bill @ The Cafe Cartel, they told me that I don't have to pay.
So I thought they only treat me for dinner and that's all, heh!

*P.S- My epic reaction, LOL!
Simple and nice! ^^
 This necklace represented our friendship will always go round and round
like this, and never ending. HAHAHA, cool ~ ^^V

"Making a million friends is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a
friend who will stand by you when milloins are against you. And sometimes
it's sad to think that there are some people who comes to you only when
they need help, someone to rant all their feeling to, or some only comes to
you when they're bored or need a companion to go out with, then throws
you aside when they're fine& don't need you."
#iutterlyhatethatkindofperson !

Having a bunch of real friends are always better than anything else,
&of course, having my babyboy is one of the best of the best thing
that some of you are never gonna have! Hahaha ~ ;P

Okay, fine! I think I'm too scary for her. :/
This is so lovely, hee hee ~
Siao Nana
She looks good in bangs, don't y'all think so? ;-)
And she has got a very sharppp chin! *envy!
The epics!
HAHAHA!! Whatever ~

I'm not trying to say that I'm pretty here, but doesn't mean that if you're
pretty, you can only mix with pretty girls. Stop being so vain, bitch! So
what if you're pretty but you've an ugly personality? You'll be called
either a bitch or a slut. So you're just a shit afterall. Being ugly, fat,
small eyes, flat nose& etc, is not a crime, because no one is
perfect. This applies to me& everyone out there.
#fact !

Muscular womens!! ^^v
Kerina was trying to imitate my pose by holding a phone, LOL!
Kinda passed! &I like the effect of this picture, anyway. :-)
Meifang always wished very hard that one day, she could be as fair as me.
So I recomemded her the Hakubi White C pills! ;-)

All right, that's all for my belated birthday blog post.
Once again, thanks for the treat& the lovely little bling pressie, ladies! ^^
Love you guys damn lots!! MUAH ~ ♥♥♥

xo, Cherlyn.