Thursday, June 16, 2011

In case y'all miss my camwhoring photos, hee hee~ ;p

*P.S- Due to the flash light of my camera, was unable to capture the true color
of the lipstick color on my lips. But if you girls loves Barbie's
pinkish lips, you'll definitely love it!

Although I don't have a thick sexy lips, but I love my lips color! ^^
Rouge Lipstick, A08- Bright pink!

Lip care tips
1. If you have thin lips, ues a lighter color lipstick. A dark colored shad
lipstick will makes your lips look smaller.

2. Dab a touch of gloss in the center of your top lips. This will make your mouth
look pouty& sexy.

3. To keep your lipstick on all day, pencil your lips with a soft lip pencil,
then apply your lipstick.

4. If you have dry lips, apply vaseline instead of lip balm! Guarantee no harm,
because I do that too! &Days after, it feels like baby lips. ;-)

5. Avoid frequent licking of the lips especially when lips are dry and
cracked as the saliva will evaporate making your lips dryer and leaving
more cracks to the lips.

6. Eating salty food like potato chips and popcorn can dry out your lips!
So make sure you drink lots of water when you snack on these titbits.

Hope y'all learn something. ^^