Friday, June 24, 2011

Town With G♥!

Off to town with G! Like finally, I went to town! You know what,
I've not been to town for the past six months! Or maybe longer, I forgot?
Well, I'm not a busy women la, but I just don't have the time& I'm pretty
lazy at times too. I think my butt is too heavy? Lol! ^^

Okay, so who's G? Heh.
G is- Genie! My cousin. :-)

Went to Daiso! #budgetqueens ^^
Everything @ only 2bucks!
Hee hee hee ~
*P.S- We're not the one who tear off the packaging of the wet wipes.
Some black hearted human being done that. Tsk tsk ~ :/
Vita-C candy!
I bought this sweet pink fury heart to act as my camera pouch! ^^
Available in pink and red! Wanted to get the red one though, but I think
pink color suits me more, hee hee ~
I bought this bohemian tunic online, kinda dissapointed when I received.
As it stated that the material was made of cotton. In fact, it's not. More like
chiffon kind, material was super thin& transparent. I wore this for only once
and all the side lining came off. -,- Sigh ~ this is not the worst one though.

The worst one was, I once ordered a crop top from a blogshop
months ago.(Not revealing the name of the blogshop, because I think this
blogshop are currently selling contact lenses) I received the crop top with
red stains all over, and I f'in get no exchange! What she told me was,
"Just wear la?" or "You wash it first, see the stains will fade or not."
"There's nothing I can do, you know china people very cheebye one right?"

What the fuck is this man?!
Your clothes are all from China somemore? My goodness, cheapo! -,-
You even dare to sell at such high pricing to people with this shit material.
&You're the one who said that cheenas very cheebye, since you know that
then why take stocks from them? When I was asking you for exchange,
why do you have to ask them, I wondered? Who's gonna be responsible
for this? Obviously is you what, they're just your supplier! Seriously, LOL!
Two words for you, #throwface!

**P.S- I was damn pissed off by this. Pardon me for all my rants.

All right, back to photos! :-)
G G G G, baby baby baby ~ (Gee) HAHAHA!
This is damn cute luh, HAHAHA ~
She was complaining that my camera flash light was too bright till her
eyes could barely open, LOL!
Uh huh, passed! Finally can opened. O.O
Could barely open her eyes again once the light flash, LOL!
Kinda frustrated already!
She do a funny face instead, so that it don't seems like she can't open her eyes.

If I never were to take a trip down to town, I'll not even knw that there's a
newly opened Forever21 @ Orchard Exchange. Lol, #sua ku no.1 :-D

All right, thats all for this post.
Gonna get myself prepared now to meet my lovely cliques later on ~ ^^

xo, Cherlyn.