Saturday, June 11, 2011

Universal Studios With Baby! (Overdue Post- 04 June'11)

 Since it's a lazy raining day today and, I'm lazy to get my ass out too. And not to let you guys wait
till the 14th of June. So I'm gonna blog about the trip to uss with bb today! Okey, here we go! :-)

Went to Singapore Universal Studios with my babyboy on last Saturday. It was my first time
going there though. Reason of going there was because bb's had promised to bring me
there on my birthday. But due to my work, I was unable to make it on my birthday,
so we postoned to Saturday instead. :-)

If you guys remembered, Saturday morning was raining heavily! So bb and I took a
cab to Vivo City.  My crazy boy, hacks in his mouth.


We reached USS at around 11am! Early? Nah~ I think it's too late. As we've planned to reach
there at 9.30am, Lol! But because of the stupid weather, it delayed our time. -,-

*Saw the difference of the picture quality? The blurred one was taken with my bb's camera.
Well, I don't know which idiot used it previously? I think that person's definitely a camera noob. :/

**And that cause my pictures to be some blurred and some cleared. -,-!

***The reason why I used bb's camera was because my camera battery was low.

****I'm pretty lazy to type anything, so I'll just let the photos do talking instead. :)

Happy belated birthday to me, hee hee! ^^v
Far far away castle~
Kung Fu Panda! ^^v
P.S- I don't know what does this birdy called,
as I'm not any cartoon character fans except Pokemons! ;>
Okay fine! This idiot ignored me. :-(
Standing by his side make me looks like an idiot, lol.
 HAHAHA~ He likes me more than bb.
He holds me and walked away after our picture was taken. Lol! :-D
Too bad there's no Betty. :-(

 This where you can view the firework everyday at 9pm!

*****P.S- Pardon for the low quality photos! Not gonna use bb's camera anymore! :/

Overall, I had a really great day with babyboy! ^^
Another three days more, and I'm done with my work! YAYYY~
Stay tuned for more upcoming posts! :)