Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I look at all the pictures of the past thinking of how the years went
by so fast. The parties, the happening nights, and the laughs. The
shoulders I've cried on, &cute photographs of the people I've known
since way back. Its already July now, time files really fast ~!

Soon, another year is gonna past. Soon I'll be a year older again,
but still young like a hero! Soon, bb's enlisting to ns on Sep.
Soon, I'll become that lonely girl who waits upon only every
Fridays, Saturdays& Sundays. Soon, I'll be all alone, busy
working everyday. Soon, I'll be pursuing my dreams at psb
next year. Soon, you change, I change, everyboby change.
Lol ~ okay, I shall cut those craps. :p

*P.S- Here are some random photos taken before I hit on the
streets two days ago. :-)

xo, Cherlyn.