Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dinner with my clique on Thursday at Xin Wang HongKong Cafe!
We were supposed to meet up on Friday instead of Thursday, but because
I've something cropped up last mintue. So we've no choice but to changed
the day. Too bad Meifang was unable to meet us, as her school ends at 8pm
that day. We know you really wants to meet us! Another day, all right?
I'll plan another outing real soon! ;-)

While preparing at home, I took a snap shot of myself with
my new pinky lil hearts table! Hee hee ~

&By the way, do I looks like I'm wearing contact lens?
Fyi, I don't wear contact lens, &Never in my life! It's not because
I hate wearing contact lens. The main reason is because I've dry eyes,
&it's those very very dry kind. My consultant once told me it's because my
tears are lacking. Lol, wtf?! But whenever I cried, there're still lots of tears ley.
Hor, Nicholas Ng? :p

*P.S- I did not photoshop my eye to make it looks brownish.
I've natural brown eyes, btw. *Dad's genes ;-)

Surprisingly, I'm not the last one to reach! Although I'm always
the latest one, lol !! But this time round, Trina was the latest one to reach!
We've all reached White Sand, yet she's still at Woodland on her way! -,-

Waited for almost an hour!
LOL ~ !!

Finally, its dinner time!
Late queen of the day, Siao Nana.
Me ^^
Kerina Nine(nai), lol ~
With Jen bunny
Singyan and Kerina
Late queens ftw ~ :>
Hongkong style milk tea
One of my all times favourite, french toast!
Slurppppppppppppppppsszzxx ~!
I'm always craving for siew mai ;-D
Ha gao
Papaya bee hoon soup

After some mind-fucked games from Trina& Jen.
I think my IQ = ZERO! Lol ~ But seriously, I don't think I'm
that stupid ley. Okay, whatever! I'm gonna trick someone else to
make them looks stupid& at the same time to make myself seems
clever. Hehh hehh!! Targeting- Mei fang. HAHAHAHA ~!! :-D

All right, shall end this post with a picture of me! ^^