Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sato Hakubi White C ♥

It's my 4th year consuming Sato Hakubi white C!

I've browse through all my pictures and found this picture of me
taken last year during the world cup season.
Still looking tan!
So can you imagine how tan I used to be years back? :O

A recent picture of me taken last month!
Tan& fair! Super big difference!! :-D
*P/S- I did not edit the brightness of my photo to make myself looks fairer.
Sometimes it's due to flash light! You'll know if you've seen me in real life.

Hakubi White C makes the difference! ^^

Where to buy?
Sato Hakubi White C are exclusively available at Watsons stores& Venus beauty store!
Comes in two sizes- 360 tables& 180 tablets. 360 tabs cost SGD74.90, while 180 tabs cost
SGD42. As for the 180 tabs, I'll recommend you to buy it at Venus beauty stores, as it
cost only SGD33.90, if I'm not wrong. ;-) If you're staying in the east area, there's one
Venus beauty store located at Tampines Inter.

Read more info about Sato Hakubi at: