Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nicher ♥

A day out with my love on Saturday!
Off to town, like finally! It has been so damn long ever since we last
went there together. Because why? My bb hates to go to town, and I
really don't know why?! :/ But well, this time round, our purpose
of going there was to shop for a small gift for my Daddy! As the
coming 21st, is Daddy's 52nd birthday! Happy birthday in advance
to my Papady! ^^ ♥♥♥

A very small gift from bb& I to Papady.
Leather wallet from Pierre Cardin.

Too bad my camera was not able to captured the true color of the
wallet. It's actually brown in color, a very nice leather brown. :-)
The reason why we bought this wallet for Papady was because I'm
really sick of seeing his old wallet, which has been used for like,
5 years? The color of his wallet has been faded from black to grey,
and with white stains all over! Yet he still don't even bear to buy
another new wallet for himself, tsk tsk ! Hope Papady like it! ^^

My poor baby has a serious toothache! He's in pain the whole day.
Couldn't eat& couldn't drink. :-( That explains why we didn't
manage to take much pictures.

He's gonna pluck away two wisdom tooth tomorrow, GG!
His super sad& scared face, lol ~

All right, thats all for this post. :-)
Goodnight, readers!
xo, Cherlyn.