Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Special Day Reserved ♥

Time files!
Finally we called it one year! :-) Seriously, I can't believe myself
to be in a relationship for one year, LOL! But I believe we'll
last longer, instead of last long, heh! ^^
At the bottom of my heart,

"Baby, you're the best thang in my life. These past months we've been
together is something I wouldn't trade for anything anyone could offer
me. Everyday I'm with you is the happiest moment of my life.
Thank you for being there whenever I needed you the most and I
hope we have many more years like today, to come.
I love you so much much, baby!"

Lol, crazy boy!
Watched Transformers 3 with baby @ The Cathay!
Movie was great! ;-) Buth there's this one thing that cannot make it.
It's the new female lead! Her lips seriously cannot make it! *faint ~
I believe many girls thinks that she's fugly too! I've no idea why
some guys still thinks that she's hot. -,-!

Victoria's Secret Model,
Rosie Huntington- Whiteley.

Popular discussions!
Rosie Huntington- Whiteley to replace Megan fox.
I think 10 out of 10, people still prefer Megan fox, yeah? ;-D
Although Megan fox are not the female lead in Tranformers 3,
But I'll still rate this movie at 9/10! ^^

Before the movie time hits right on the dot, it's
camwhore time again, hee hee ~

Right after the  movie,
went to this Japanese Buffet Restuarant @ The Heeren for dinner. ;-)
Sauces, etc.
Salads, kimchi& etc.
Choco brownie!
Waiting for baby to take me more foods~ hee hee
#spoiled brat
Table full of foods!
Does this reminds you of Tori Q? Hee hee ~
I loved heir Tontoro pork damn lots! *Oh, I mean Tori Q. ^^
My all times favourite- Chawanmushi!
Toufu cheese cake!
Sinful dinner! ^^
But too bad, baby was not feeling well. So he couldn't eat that much.
Well, it's okay! All the foods goes in to my stomach ~ HAHAHA! :-D
There're still many many foods there, because I was busy eating, so I
didn't manage to take pictures of it down. #greedypig !

Oh, and surprisingly after so many good foods, I'm still
weighing at 46kg! HAHAHA, envy right? :-D I used to be 49.5kg
though, nearly 50kg! But I don't know why my weight goes down
to 46kg recently? Some of my friends saw me, and they kept
whining at me, saying that I'm becoming skinner& skinner ~
Some even said that maybe I got cancer. LOL -,-!

Okay, one last picture of us before I end this post. ^^