Saturday, August 06, 2011

Advertorial - ChocoMarvel™

Ladies exclusive secret to happiness! The start of menstruation is a momentous event in
a girls's life. Some girls greet those drops of blood with joy or relief, while others feel bothered
by the discomforting pain each time, just like me. Whatever the reaction is, the facts don't change;
menstruation is here to stay. Every woman is bound to experience a variety of sensations
before or during their menses, though some may experience it more often.

Common complains include, nausea, abdominal pain, backache, pain in the inner thighs,
breast tenderness, constipation, irritability and mood changes. On top of that, if you feel
lethargic and weak during menstruation, these are signs of iron deficiency.

Since menstruating is inevitable, wouldn't it be good to transform this uncomfortable period
when you are pain-stricken and restricted in your daily activities to a more pleasant
monthly affair? Natural health supplements can be ideal to solving your problems!

It's ChocoMarvel!  

Functions of ChocoMarvel
- Promotes blood circulation and aid in relief of menstrual pain.
- Helps relieve bloating, tension and discomfort
- Helps replenish Iron loss during menstruation
- Helps improve facial complexion
- Helps maintain hormone levels, and reduce irritability and depression

Why ChocoMarvel?
- Rich chocolate taste makes it enjoyable to consume
- Derived from 100% natural ingredients
- Suitable for long term consumption
- Low fat to suit weight watchers

***During a woman's year of menstruation, iron is a huge
nutritional concern. On average, a woman can lose up to 50% of
their daily requirement of iron during each menstrual cycle.***

Try to avoid cold food& beverage. Also, avoid caffeine to prevent constriction of blood vessels
and increase tension. Eating more fresh vegetable& whole grains can aids in relieving of
constipation or indigestion when menstruating. Avoid refined sugars, milk, and fatty foods when
menstruating. Doing light exercise will improve blood and oxygen circulation throughout
the body, including the pelvis.

Whenever my menstruation cycle starts, I always feel bloated & in great pain!
These sysmtoms arise on a monthly basisSo, I surely need this, panadol menstrual to control the pain.

Now, I don't need panadol menstrual pills anymore. Y'all know what, I've been relying on this menses panadol ever since I've started my menses at the age of 14! My mommy said, it's really not good
to consume this every month to alleviate the cramps. After trying out ChocoMarvel, it do works! :)
No more cramps after drinking a cup of hot ChocoMarvel! So now, we can now drink a
cup of ChocoMarvel without guilt since it is low in fat!! ^^

Thick chocolaty taste! I'm lov'in it! ^^v
Available at any Watsons stores now!
Introductory price @ SGD19.90. (Usual price: SGD21.90)

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