Friday, August 26, 2011

Short updates!

I've done a photoshoot for a blogshop yesterday, It's really damn tiring because I've changed
up to forty over different kind of body hugging dresses, and I've to f'in suck in my tummy
for the entire 3 hours! Seriously, can die!! I always said I want to go on a diet but I always
failed to do so! My babyboy just can't stop feeding me with all my favourite foods and of course
all the really good foods. And lately, I always ate twice during dinner with no guilt at all! Until yesterday, one of the photographer said this to me, "It's time to eat lesser!" Yes, I should really
start on a proper diet from now on, less fried foods but more fruits and veggies. Three months ago, my weight was 46kg, and now, I'm 47.5! No way! My ideal weight is 46kg, no more or less!
I don't know why, fats always stored on either my face or my butt! Yesss, my f'in butt! Sigh ~! ;-(
I know some jealous bitches are gonna say that I'm not even fat at all, why keep on saying that I need a diet? Well, girls will never be contented with their figure. We always want lesser on our face, tummy, thigh, arms but more on our the boobs! HAHAHA! And my face is not even fat at all what? That's because I captured at the right angle! I believe everyone has their own nice angle when it comes to taking pictures right? Oh, *PS! This picture of me above is not photoshop at all! Yeah, I said no means no! It's not photoshop! That's my right angle! ^^

And, I realised only if I smile with my teeth, my chin looks longer! :-)
Because you know what? Most asian people has shorter chin. Not surprise, I'm one
of them. Suay! ;-( I'm always so jealous of people who have nice shapely chin. Sigh ~
Oh! And yes, I did not photoshop this picture too! Don't believe? Hey, I don't think
I look that bad till the extend that I have to photoshop every single picture of me, right?
All right, it's up to you guys to believe it or not. Just remember to keep the comments to
yourself, because you're ain't perfect either. Look into the mirror& you'll know.
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♥♥♥ XOXO! ♥♥♥