Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Singapore Tatler Golf Classic 2011 Event- Julius Baer

Singapore Tatler: Julius Baer bank golf day!

This event was held at Sentosa Golf Club!

The rain held off for the annual Singapore Tatler-Julius Bär Bank Golf Day,
allowing the 28 flights of golfers fabulous weather. While no one made
off with the Maserati. Aww, too bad~ !

We also get to sit on the buggy with a driver driving us around. ^^ Our job scope
are pretty easy, all we need to do was to go around the golf club distributing drinks
and sanwiches to golfers.

With Wendy!

On top of that, I'd like to give warning to all drivers! Regardless of whether you're
driving a car or even a buggy, please drive safetly and please do not speed!! I swear I
utterly hate people who speed! Don't you dare to think that speeding is cool, sometimes
even F1 racer got into accidents. Why am I saying all these was because Wendy were
involve in buggy accident. Blame on that reckless driver! :/ He f'in speed down the
turing slope and cause the whole buggy collapses! Lucky that Wendy's injuries are not that
bad till the extend, hope she take very good care of her wounds and not let it leave scars!

 And so, the event was left with Esther& I!

Our dinner time!
Century egg w duck porridge

Golfers dinner time.
By then, both of us are really shag ~
Acapella groups performing nice songs on stage!
The whole event was enjoyable, I'd say. :-) All right, last shot before
I end this post.