Friday, September 30, 2011


The picture below has tons of high heels and wedges! And can you believe that I got
sponsored by an unknown person for all these? Yes, it's crazy! I don't even know who
the hell that person is, she just sent me an email telling me that I got sponsored! But, no
websites or anything! She claimed that it is gonna be for her newly upcoming blogshop. Lol?
I was happy and felt kinda weird at the same time. So she asked me for my address&
my number, so I gave. Because I supposed she wants me to do a sponsored review?
But after I've received it, I hear nothing from her at all. This is super weird, so I rang her
up and asked her if do I have to blog or? Guess what, she said all the heels are for me,
I can keep it. I can do an advertorial if I want, but if nobody buy, then all the heels are mine.
Hey, then if it's that case, why not you give me money instead of heels? Lol!

No.1 weird case!