Thursday, November 17, 2011

Advertorial - iAccessories Online

Check it out my super cute Hello Kitty iphone casing from iAccessories Online!
And my casing was delivered by them personally, not by postage! Regardless if you're at
home or outside, they do deliver it to you at places which are convenient to you. But of course
you can't expect them to deliver it all the way to places like Jurong, Clementi, etc. It's better
to be somewhere in the east, then that'll will be great. :)

Hello kitty lovers, here you go!

And hello kitty's home button stickers!

Also, Apple iphone casing with swarovski crystals!

Not to worry, they're all selling at a very reasonable and affordable price! Uhm, I can say that it's
cheaper than the price rate outside. Do check them out at,