Friday, November 25, 2011

Now And Then

In a sense that we're always changing and always staying the same. When I compare myself
of today with my self from a year back or perhaps a few years ago, I observe that I'm the same
but more! I'm the same in how I think, but experience has changed the way I interpret everything.
Everyday adds a new layer of character. We should anticipate aging with optimism rather
than dread. As we grow older, the beauty steals inward.

Remember a year ago, I took a picture of me wearing this strawberries knit top?
In case some of y'all forgot, here's the picture.

So which one of me do you prefer?
For me, I'll definitely choose how the way I look now ^^ And everything that I owned now.
I used to be easily contented in the past, but am no longer that easy to please now. Some
people ever said that I'm hard to get, oh yea? Nope, I doubt so. Because Nicholas Ng
still got it what, HAHAHA! Oh well ~ ! ^^ 

From time to time, attitudes change and people do change. We make every decision for the
first time with no obligation to the past. If we control anything, we control our own thoughts
and behavior. If can improve anything, it should be ourselves! Life can certainly be difficult
for many; but it's one rush of a joy ride! : )