Wednesday, December 14, 2011 ♥


PS: I'm actually blogging at my work place now, fyi. So can you imagine how bored I am?
Because there's nothing for me to do at all almost everyday. So, I shop online, facebook, twitter,
blog, youtube, funshion, whatever... everyday at work! And my colleague? She surf net, etc and had
just purchased an iphone 4gs online. Seriously, she #win already lor! Because she don't have to go to
Singtel like any typical singaporean to join the long queue in the mall, you see. How great? :)

PSS: Some of you guys may think that why my blog has became less wordy, no pictures,
no updates about me? Well, because my life is boring! Same routine every weekdays.
Waking up at 6.30am in the morning, go home in the late evening, eat then, sleep! Yea, fml!

PSSS: As for weekends, I've got nothing much to do and no where to go either. That
explain why I don't have any recent pictures to update this space. And my bf is out
for his field camp :( So lets imagine going to the beach to romantic with bf. Instead,
I went there with S last weekend, hah! Yea, both of us sound damn lesbian, I know.
 Lol, but who cares? Who says we can't love our friends, yea? Okay, whatever.
Anyway, eight more days and he'll be back with one week of block leave! ^^

Counting down to 22nd...