Sunday, January 29, 2012

CNY Day 7th!

Went to my paternal granny's house with loverboy on this
Chinese New Year day 7th, known as the birthday of all humankind (人日).


After that, we headed over to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ NSRCC with loverboy's parents.

Other than yu sheng, of course there're other dishes la, heh! Because loverboy's dad said that this
is a restaurant, don't take pictures la, very paiseh and so many people are looking. Well, that
explain why I don't have all the pictures of those delicious food we had, but only yu sheng. :(
And there you see, his dad doesn't even want to look at the camera.
His slut face, LOL!
Acting like a boss
Siao lang (crazy man) 
So, no choice!
We can only continue to take more pictures "outside", after finishing our food.
P/S- I know I know, this picture of me are super blurred. My bf are indeed very lousy at
his photo taking skill.

All right, that's all!