Monday, May 07, 2012

Guineas ❤

If you haven't already know, I own a new pet! For those who are following me
on my Twitter will know that I have two guinea pigs now! The reason why I choose a
guinea pig is because they are a very clean little animal, they only need to be bathe at least
once every 3-4 months. Because bathing them too often will dry up their skin. Also, they are very
easy to take care of, just give them their favorite food that contains high vitamin c like sweet-corn,
carrots, pandan leafs, grass and water with vitamin c drops. As guineas needs a lot of vitamin c.
That's all! Once it's finished, I just have to top it up for them. And see them eat and sleep
and eat and sleep all day just like me, hehehe!

Fatty the male piggy and Hairy monster the female guinea ^^
Kiss my ass, HAHAHA!

Guineas can be bathe in water, but only in lukewarm water. Guinea pig are not known
for their love of water, so that's why some prefer powder-bath. It depends on individual, though.
My guineas definitely loved to be bath in water, and bathing a guinea pig will help towards
keeping their hair and skin healthy. That's also why powder-bath is not enough,
they do need water bath too. :)

I can stand on my own two feet! Hehehe ^^
He's trying to jump out of the shallow tub!

Putting a male and a female guinea pig together, it get lots of excitement and noises
happening on a daily basis, hehe!

* Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~