Friday, May 11, 2012

New Haircut!

Say hi to my new haircut! Finally, I've decided to cut my fringe. It took me so much courage
to cut away my long fringe which were the length of below my chin! Many people always said that
I don't look like a '92 baby at all, they always mistaken me as 24 years old, or even older! :(

I remembered there was once I went out with my bf and his younger brother, a lady mistook
me as the mother of my bf's younger brother! Like seriously?! Are you fucking kidding me or
what?! Mother of my bf's younger brother?! #FML MAN! :(

At that point of time, I felt seriously moody, I told myself that I need a new haircut real soon!
As I can't stand it anymore, I visited the salon right after the next day! I did coloring,
hair treatment, soft rebonding and cut away my long fringe that makes me look so damn old!
Hopefully I look younger and better now? :)