Saturday, July 07, 2012

Rise And Shine!

"Morning shines with the beautiful sunshine!" 
Good morning everyone! It's now 9am in the morning and I'm here sitting in front of my
computer blogging! A pretty rare thing though, because I'm always so busy dating with my
loverboy during weekends, haha! Why am I blogging at this timing is because I waiting for
my boyfriend to come over to my house to pick me up! Nowadays my boyfriend tend to
takes up a very long time to reach, which I don't know why and have no idea what is
he doing at home.  So while waiting, I shall blog. ^^

Lately, I'm becoming from lazy to lazier. That's the reason why you don't see much updates
here. I don't know why but sometimes I just want to keep low profile. All right, since I've
decided to blog today after some time, I shall do some updates.

I'm doing good lately, so as my family, boyfriend and my two lovely guinea pigs! :)
Been working, as usual. Also some events& photoshoots during my free time even though
I barely have but I'm trying to squeeze out at least some time for it. Upcoming shoot will be
on next Monday, hopefully it turn out good! All right, my working schedule is ridiculous,
so lets not talk about it as I'm getting really sick of it already.

A bad news for me! This coming August, my boyfriend's gonna leave me for 2 weeks because
he's going to Brunei for a super tough training there. :( So, I'm gonna make myself really busy
in order not to over miss him too much, lol. But well, on a happier note something
really exciting is on its way! Counting down ~

Last but not least, have been receiving many good compliments on my newly cut short fringe
a month ago. I loved it, so does my boyfriend and some of y'all. :) I'm glad that it really
makes me look much more younger than before. Also, people tend call
me "xiao mei" instead of "aunty" now. LOLOL! ~

P/S- #noedit only filter! ^^

All right, thanks for reading!