Thursday, January 17, 2013

Advertorial - Biore Skin Caring Cleanser Series!

Biore Facial Foam
Green - Blemish Prone Skin. (Acne)
Blue - Normal to Combination Skin. (Normal to Combination)
Orange - Dry and Dehydrated Skin. (Extra Moist)
Pink - Scrub for all skin types. 

Product Features
- Has a higher cleansing ability
- Is less irritable to the skin
- The first cleanse that works to re-balance skin
- Reduce oil at T-zone (Forehead and nose)
- Replenish moisture at U-zone (Cheek and Chin)

It Contains
- Skin purifying techonology
- Higher cleansing efficacy
- Cleansing chemical does not penetrate skin
- Non residue and Non irritation
- Vitalize skin

- More hydrate skin
- Less clogged pores and reduction in sebum
- Lighten marks and blemishes
- Skin re-balances and shows improvement with long term usage


Extra Moist Supple Foam
The reason why I choose Extra Moist Foam even though I've oily skin is because
I know that my skin is oily on the surface of my skin but dry and dehydrated on the inside.

Radiant Defined Scrub
Skin purifying technology, Ultra fine beads smaller than pores.
My skin feel smoother and softer after one wash!